FREE Downloadable Christmas, Christian-Themed Photos. Kid-Style Wall Art

Hi, I'm Nancy the owner of Jehovah Jireh Jewellery & Accessories. I have some FREE downloadable kid's-style photos for you just below. Let me know what you're using them for I'd love to know.

Create a photo slideshow on YouTube of how you are using the images and then send me the links. I'll post them to my blog get ideas from your creativity so send me your photos to share with everyone else watching. Believe me they will appreciate it. 

Please take note these photos are copyrighted. You may use them for personal use, commercial use as in advertising for a business, flyers, posters, mailers, scrap book projects, event advertisements, a Bible study, however reselling of the images is prohibited. 

Having trouble downloading directly to your computer? This may be an issue with your server. In this case then RIGHT CLICK your mouse. A menu will appear. Select 'Save Image'. You should be able to print the image from there. Please note the resolution of the image may turn our poor through this method of acquiring photo.

Click on the link below each image to download your free copy of the photo. 

DISCLAIMER: Regarding photos below. I acquired these images through a third party with permission to make them available to the public to Freely download. The images may be used for either personal or commercial purposes such as promoting a business, however they MAY NOT be used for reselling. All images and elements within each photo are copyrighted by the third party, therefore any reselling of these photos is strictly prohibited.

Click here to download photo of Christmas tree:

Click here to download photo of Christmas ornament:

Click here to download photo of Merry Christmas Snowman:

I have MORE FREE downloadable photos in following link:

FREE Downloadable Christmas-themed images/photos/pictures for children and babies. Can be used as wall art in children's room, babies rooms, baby hospital room or nurseries. In the home, day care centre. Kindergarten classrooms. Can be used in flyers, posters, portraits, picture frames, event flyers, mailers, post cards, greeting cards, scrap book projects, art projects and children's art classes.


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