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Operating for The Kingdom of Christ


Hi everyone I'm Nancy and I'm the owner of Jehovah Jireh Jewellery & Accessories website. I make handmade jewellery.

On my website I am also featuring the incredibly handcrafted works by Romanian artist Angela Sofia Fiat. Angela specializes in intricately detailed wedding accessories, Christmas ornaments, Valentine's Day items and handcrafted items for any other special holiday or events. To see what Angela makes visit her online shop here:



To tell you a little more about myself I am originally Ecuadorian and live in Canada. I do video blogging too.

I also make organic and cruelty-free melt and pour soaps, toddler's dresses, hairbows, satin tote bags, and crochet winter doll hats. 

I've not listed any of my dresses, hairbows, and tote bags yet but here is a link to my crochet hats:

Winter doll crochet hats:

In the folowing link will be my official introductory video that explains why I began video blogging:

Why I chose the title "Operating for The Kingdom Of Christ" for my mini biography.  

Working for The Lord's causes is actually the very first and most important reason why I began a business in the first place.  I not only love to create beautiful things for women to wear, but I also have a passion within my heart to further the ministry of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through my business.

Jehovah Jireh means The Lord God my Provider and choosing this name for my business was quite deliberate I assure you.  I am currently associated with both Christian and Jewish ministries who are helping to find and to fulfill the needs of those who are currently in destitute circumstances wherever that may be around the world. 

Everything I do is all for the Glory of my Lord Jesus Christ. He is solely The One Who was responsible for where I am today, and I give Him all the Glory for my gifts and talents -and all the glory for this wonderful ride I am in now.  
Thank You Father God, my Lord Jesus and my Sweet Holy Spirit!   

Lord, I Love You too and Glory be unto Your Holy Name!

I want to thank all of you for reading my mini biography and God bless every one of you abundantly in Jesus' Name!

For Jewellery Orders link to my Etsy shop here:

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